Plutonic Rainbows

Claude Speeed - Sun Czar Temple

An EP from 2015 that you may have missed.


Second EP by Berlin-based Scotsman, Claude Speeed. Steeped in all sorts of mannered loveliness, from classic American minimalism to cinematic post-rock and retro-futurist electronica, its intent is matched by its reach over five succinct pieces fanning out from the distorted dream sequence of ‘Traumzeuge’ to soaring synth scape ‘R U Sorry?’ via the curling chimes and zinging digital harmonics and binary cream of ‘Dr. Liz Wilson’, ascending to the crashing MIDI drums and longing vocal glossolalia of ‘Fret’. RIYL Oneohtrix Point Never, Kuedo, Mogwai.

Available here.

Apple Invites Media to September 12th Event

Apple today sent out media invites for its annual iPhone-centric event that will be held on Wednesday, September 12 at 10:00 a.m. at the Steve Jobs Theater on the Apple Park Campus in Cupertino, California.

The media invites released today give a first look at the theme of the event and feature the tagline “Gather Round,” likely referencing the main ring-shaped building at Apple Park.

Apple Announcement

Looks like new stuff coming very soon. My guess is Apple will hold an event on the 12th with pre-orders on the 14th and availability on the 21st.

Blue Chemise - Daughters Of Time


Beautifully haunted, tripped out and richly absorbing set of apparitions recalling the most sylvan shadows of Aphex Twin’s ‘SAW II’, Leyland Kirby / The Caretaker at his creepiest and the spectres of Loren Connors “airs”, a huge recommendation to followers/fans of any of the above…

Blue Chemise is the alias of Australia’s Mark Gomes and this is his debut for Students Of Decay, recorded direct to Dictaphone with minimal post-production to convey something poignant and eerily intangible.

Following from two similarly etheric gestures, both self-released on Greedy Ventilators, and a 7” with I Dischi Del Barone, Gomes here supposes 16 new passages of time that hold the listener’s aural gaze with uncanny ability. Most effectively, they conjure the sensation of solitude shared with paranormal spirits,, drawing the listener into possible parallel dimensions with a dusky, autumnal subtlety.

If you’ve been charmed by the desiccated but richly absorbing atmospheres of fellow antipodeans such as F Ingers or LST, those early BoC wildlife documentary interludes, or even the creepiest stuff on Mark Harwood’s Penultimate Press, we wager this one will rule your world. We’ve been listening to it on a loop since early in the morning and really not sure if we’ll shake off that hypnagogic feeling for the rest of the day…

Available on vinyl from today. Digital on September 7th

Nomadland: Surviving America in the Twenty-First Century

I am currently reading this excellent book about the American Economy and its darker side.

From the beet fields of North Dakota to the National Forest campgrounds of California to Amazon’s CamperForce program in Texas, employers have discovered a new, low-cost labor pool, made up largely of transient older Americans. Finding that social security comes up short, often underwater on mortgages, these invisible casualties of the Great Recession have taken to the road by the tens of thousands in late-model RVs, travel trailers, and vans, forming a growing community of nomads: migrant laborers who call themselves “workampers.”

On frequently traveled routes between seasonal jobs, Jessica Bruder meets people from all walks of life: a former professor, a McDonald’s vice president, a minister, a college administrator, and a motorcycle cop, among many others–including her irrepressible protagonist, a onetime cocktail waitress, Home Depot clerk, and general contractor named Linda May.

In a secondhand vehicle she christens “Van Halen,” Bruder hits the road to get to know her subjects more intimately. Accompanying Linda May and others from campground toilet cleaning to warehouse product scanning to desert reunions, then moving on to the dangerous work of beet harvesting, Bruder tells a compelling, eye-opening tale of the dark underbelly of the American economy–one that foreshadows the precarious future that may await many more of us. At the same time, she celebrates the exceptional resilience and creativity of these quintessential Americans who have given up ordinary rootedness to survive. Like Linda May, who dreams of finding land on which to build her own sustainable “Earthship” home, they have not given up hope.

You can get your copy here.

Gift from Berlin

Received some lovely @spacy_io stickers from the very generous Ines Montani, who works on AI, Machine Learning and NLP. Thanks so much. You can follow her at @_inesmontani.

Creating and Amending Lists

A quick example that loops through a predefined list of colours and creates an additional empty list to which a ranger of numbers are added and then printed out.

colors = ['red','blue','green']

assets = []

for colors in colors:
	print "The colours are: %s" % colors
	for n in range(1, 10):
for n in assets:
	print "The number is now: %d" % n

Boolean Rules

One thing I need to learn before I go further with Python is to thoroughly learn the logic rules. Sure, you can just learn the concepts but being able to write actual code will mean memorising these rules.

  • not False = True
  • not True = False

  • True or False = True
  • True or True = True
  • False or True = True
  • False or False = False

  • True and False = False
  • True and True = True
  • False and True = False
  • False and False = False

  • not (True or False) = False
  • not (True or True) = False
  • not (False or True) = False
  • not (False or False) = True

  • not (True and False) = True
  • not (True and True) = False
  • not (False and True) = True
  • not (False and False) = True

  • 1 != 0 True
  • 1 != 1 False
  • 0 != 1 True
  • 0 != 0 False

  • 1 == 0 False
  • 1 == 1 True
  • 0 == 1 False
  • 0 == 0 True

Blockchain Hype

This happens with anything fairly new in the industry. Currently, Blockchain technologies are the magic fairy-dust that will solve all of the security problems, as well as validating everything from photos to news feeds.

Ersin Akinci writing for Medium:

So then why are there so many blockchain startups appearing? Two words: hype and monetization. The hype around blockchains makes fundraising easier if you’ve got one.

Back Again

Moved back to Panic’s Transmit after a week or so with Sublime Text. It’s too quirky and the workflow is odd. Sometimes more expensive is better.