Plutonic Rainbows

Odd Nosdam - Level Live Wires

Great tenth anniversary reissue of an earlier work by this artist. There are some real gems in here if you like his work - such as the strange yet uplifting ‘Fat Hooks’ and the haunting vocals on ‘Up In Flames’. All manner of instruments are there buried down in the mix of strange, distorted loops of decay.

Unheard Delia Derbyshire

Christian Eede on The Quietus:

Delia Derbyshire was a prolific producer of music and sound, both within and outside her role in the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, and premiering is a never-heard-before piece of music created from elements of her lost tape archive.

‘Future Guests’ is being premiered as part of a new documentary charting 60 years of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, of which Derbyshire was a part. Derbyshire’s lost tape archive consists of 300 or so reels of tape which were discovered in her attic when she died in 2001.

The dark, atmospheric piece has been composed from original elements of music by Derbyshire that the Radiophonic Workshop have worked together into a new piece. The elements are from tapes that Derbyshire made beyond the BBC on some of her later film and theatre projects - the exact details of which are lost to time.

As part of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop’s 60th anniversary, a compilation entitled Burials In Six Earths has been released via Room 13 Records, with contributions from Martyn Ware, while Ware will take part in events involving the Radiophonic Workshop at the British Library next month. On October 13, Late At The Library will see a celebration of the Radiophonic Workshop, who will perform live with guests. For tickets and more information, click here.

This is great news. You can listen to the piece on YouTube.

Claude Speeed - Other Infinities

Mention of this additional material (I assume from the same sessions that were responsible for the album) has popped up on a Planet Mu newsletter. I spoke with the artist on Twitter and he claims there may be as many as fifteen new tracks.

No release date but I imagine it will be quite soon.


I finally managed to publish my first two books on iTunes. The sign-up process is a little laborious but doesn’t take too long.

The first is a technological thriller. The second is a collection of short stories.

Ossining - I Will Be Missed

Trawling through Boomkat’s back catalogue, I came across this gem.

Digitalis activist Brad Rose maps out three passages to synthetic galaxies with Kevin Danchisko of Sovetskaya Gone. For the keenest of observers, they dropped two tapes last year, but ‘I Will Be Missed’ is their first vinyl release, containing three new tracks of vast and mysterious drones punctuated with starbursting synth patterns and a wide-eyed effect harking back to early 90s ambient qualities with a nod to narcotically laced Americana that fans of Oneohtrix will adore.

However, as it’s a Digitalis release, there’s something disturbed and just a little squinted lurking in the background, especially with the lengthy A-side composition ‘Mirror Warmer’. The near psilocybic queerness of the melodies and spacious harmonics also recall Leyland Kirby’s distorted memories but threaded with howling inhuman voices shrieking way back in the ether while the symphony continues to phosphoresce regardless, almost ignorant of the pain underneath.

On the other side the choral voices (or are they just synths?) of ‘Go For Pinks’ recaptures the spirit of a chill-out room for a midwest American rave, but with a more sinister, brown speckled twist. ‘Moons’ completes the album with stray arpeggiations, godly vocal harmonics and bloopy sequences masking an underlying tension, perhaps saying that this form of dosed-up, lethargic escapism has something intrinsically wrong and unusually disturbing. Fans of feeling strange should book themselves on this trip without delay…

I totally recommend this title. It only runs a little over 35 minutes but it is well worth listening to.

Boomkat Download

Konx-om-Pax - Refresher

This EP is a continuation of the work achieved on the phenomenal album, Caramel from last year. There are four tracks on the new release - two of which are new to me.

It begins with Cascada, a rave-fuelled piece of warehouse nostalgia and quickly moves on to Species With Amnesia. This second track has a lovely sinister vibe to it that I really enjoy. The remains of the EP are taken up with a remix of Caramel by u-Ziq, all cascading shimmering chords and then finally on to American producer Huerco.S who brings things to a slow and ambient conclusion with a thoughtful interpretation of Beatrice's Visit.

Download from Bandcamp.

Dean Hurley - Anthology Resource Vol. 1

Sacred Bones has just released Anthology Resource Vol. 1: △△, an album composed entirely of Dean Hurley’s sound design work for the new season of Twin Peaks. Hurley has worked with David Lynch for over a decade and acted as sound designer and music supervisor on Lynch’s last feature Inland Empire.

Twin Peaks: The Return has hosted an exceptional array of musicians performing at the Roadhouse, including “the” Nine Inch Nails and Hudson Mohawke. Hurley took the stage at the show’s iconic watering hole, as well, playing the drums with Alex Zhang Hungtai and Riley Lynch as Trouble in episode 5 of The Return.

You can hear and purchase the full compilation over at Bandcamp.

Steve Roach - Long Thoughts

If you a fan of ambient electronic pioneer Steve Roach, you will be pleased to know he has two albums out now. The first, Long Thoughts is an epic 74-minute piece of deep, brooding electronics. The second album, Nostalgia for the Future contains a selection of shorter tracks - again in an ambient style.

Steve Roach has been one of the most revered and prolific artists for many years now and his new albums show that he has lost none of his fine sense of how to craft beautiful, shifting clouds of electronic aural bliss.

The new works are available in a variety of formats including a limited run of cassettes and 24Bit editions.

NMESH - Pharma

Vaporwave artist NMESH returns this Friday with a new album, Pharma on Orange Milk Records. It’s the first album since 2014’s Dream Sequins.

You can preorder the new album here.

Update: Tapes have are already sold out in 5 hours. However, other retailers may have it in the next few days. There will also be a repress later in the year.