Plutonic Rainbows

Gentle Fluidity Silver

Testing out Maison Francis Kurkdjian Gentle Fluidity Silver today. It’s a quite unique (to me) scent that is fine for the summer. It may be not quite so good in really high humidity but overall, I am quite impressed.

Little Lies

Robert Pattison revealed in an interview with The Irish Times that he was forbidden from revealing his audition for the part to anyone - including his Tenet director Christopher Nolan. Except, considering Nolan is perhaps the master of secrets, Pattinson’s “lie” didn’t pass.

I had to be really secretive about Batman stuff,” the actor said. “So I had to lie to Chris about having to go for a screen test.”

I said I had a family emergency,” Pattinson explained. “And as soon as I saidit’s a family emergency’ he said: ‘You’re doing the Batman audition, aren’t you?‘”

More Functions II

Return the value of one function and use it as an argument of another function.

def add(value_1, value_2):
	return value_1 * value_2
def subtract(value_1, value_2):
	return value_1 - value_2
def divide(value_1, value_2):
	return value_1 / value_2
def multiply(value_1, value_2):
	return value_1 * value_2
age = add(6,45)
height = subtract(7,1)
weight = divide(210, 2)
BMI = multiply(105, 6)

print "Age is: %d." % age;print "Height is: %d." % height;print "Weight is: %d." % weight
print "BMI is: %d." % BMI

what = add(age, subtract(height, multiply(weight, divide(BMI, 2))))

print "That becomes: ", what, "Can you do it by hand?"

Amouage Reflection Man

Bit late to the game as this first appeared back in 2007. I found it very underwhelming. A floral, powdery scent that has decent sillage and longevity but isn’t for me. It’s not that it’s too feminine but more that it just doesn’t warrant the kind of money asked.

It strangely reminds me of the powdery quality in Versace Pour L’Homme. For an expensive niche scent, it’s a major disappointment. I’m glad I only bought a sample. Never blind buy a fragrance that costs £270 - no matter how much it gets hyped on YouTube.

Myers, Votel & Canty - Human Engineering


Sean Canty and Andy Votel explore new territory within the realms of broken music, mechanical composition, spoken-word and noise collage with the help of multi disciplinary artist and longtime cohort Rick Myers, feeding Pre-Cert’s gothic ambience into more unnerving corridors. We’re very here for it.

Myers is Votel’s longest running collaborator (and co-author of his very first releases in the mid-90’s) and alongside Sean Canty the trio find a genuine and naturalistic plain to create some of the collective’s most bizarre and beautiful installations yet. Devised fast and loose via cassette overdubs between Manchester and Massachusetts, and further expanding the syncopated vocal work found in Myers’ very limited “Obstacle #69: Sentences In A Magnetic Field” from 2019, the two longform pieces that make-up this release are narrated by Myers in a way that sounds like a forlorn John Cooper Clarke riding some abstracted, unheard and unfathomable b-cinematic sound design.

Inspiring an ongoing practice of automatic non-musical sound composition while drawing long term influences from lesser known sound-art projects, such as Milan Grygar’s Acoustic Drawings in Prague or Hungarian sound poet Katalin Ladik, and Swiss-German mainstay Dieter Roth, this first soundset reduces the trios reactions with dense and elongated results, piloting this ongoing series under the name HUMAN ENGINEERING. This limited cassette release, housed in artwork based on Myers personal work, proceeds an upcoming vinyl project under the same name, while providing a welcome addition to each members catalogue via Pre-Cert, Popular Mechanics, Demdike Stare, Cacophonic and Rick’s own printed work for Primary Information in America, Neives in Zurich and his own Northampton MA based Editions Muta forgery.

You can get a copy here.