Plutonic Rainbows

New Stuff

Picked a new album from Sign Libra - channelling that mid-80s Laurie Anderson vibe. Also some dark ambience from Radere. These two albums are really polar opposites. Also managed to get a nice discount on the new Tom Ford Beau De Jour - a clean, lavender fragrance that will be great in the coming months. I’m about halfway through the new William Gibson novel, Agency but I haven’t (so far) found it particularly engaging compared to The Peripheral.

Battery Update

I’ve been using some Bluetooth peripherals lately which has meant I’ve been charging my phone two or three times a week. Consequently, Peak Performance has now dropped to 95%. I suppose that’s still pretty good for sixteen months. Also, I need to keep the following in mind:

  • Apple claims a 20% for 500 cycles.
  • Assuming I charge about 50 cycles in 60 days (two months).
  • That’s roughly a 2% loss for 2 months usage.

I’m nowhere near that so I think the battery is still doing fine.

TikTok and the coming of infinite media

Nick @ Rough Type:

If Instagram showed us what a world without art looks like, TikTok shows us what a world without shame looks like. The old virtues of restraint — modesty, discretion, taste — are gone. There is only one virtue: to be seen. The future has arrived, but you don’t get fifteen minutes of fame. You get fifteen seconds.

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A New Year

Happy new year to everyone. Lots of new books and music are due this year.

Battery Update

Peak capacity drops another point to 97%. Still pretty good for fourteen months in. Still charges to 100% from 10% in 1hr & 45 mins.