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Apple Credit Card

Apple getting into credit cards. I feel deeply uneasy about this but I don’t know exactly why. I think it’s an uncomfortable look for them but hey, it’s yet another potential revenue stream and money is what matters - don’t let Apple ever convince you of anything else - despite all the empty platitudes and virtue-signalling at their events. Also don’t be fooled by the Apple privacy hype. Goldman Sachs are apparently being trusted with all the information.

The Verge:

Similarly, Apple’s approach to data privacy differs from other credit card companies: Apple is banking on Goldman Sachs to secure users’ credit card data, which also means that Apple won’t be the one held responsible in the event of a breach. Again, Goldman Sachs declined to comment.

I don’t think this is going to be anywhere near as exclusive as all the Apple fans would like - despite the Titanium design. American Express and Chase Sapphire (among others) are where the (relative) exclusivity lies with ownership fees as much as $550 just to own the card for one year. This is more like a tier 2 card rather than a 4 or 5 offering.

In addition, metal cards are very much a USA/Canada thing; Europe not so much. Amex in the UK don’t offer any cards in metal despite the sky-high ownership fees. I would not be surprised to see this launch in the UK as a plastic version. Hope I’m wrong as it will probably force Amex to up its game.

** As of 11th June 2019, Amex Platinum is now a metal card in the UK.