Plutonic Rainbows

Rafael Anton Irisarri - El Ferrocarril Desvaneciente

In the dreamlike trip of El Ferrocarril Desvaneciente, or ‘The Vanishing Railway’, Rafael Anton Irisarri regales the story of an overnight train journey across Spain he took many years ago.

Marking Rafael’s 3rd release with Mexico City’s Umor Rex in just over a year, this one finds him in a beautifully heavy-lidded state of reverie, using distant pulses and finely tempered rhythmic noise to connote a sense of intimate movement through vast space, while his gauzy harmonics and half-heard melodies limn the fondly remembered journey with an intimate, nostalgic poignancy. Ideal walkman fuel for your next long journey, and fans of Tim Hecker, The Caretaker, Lawrence English, William Basinski.