Plutonic Rainbows

Easter Weekend

It’s cold, wet and raining in my part of the world. So here’s some Python for converting Celsius to Fahrenheit.

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

x = float(raw_input("°C: "))

fahrenheit = x * 1.8 + 32

print "Fahrenheit: {0:.1f}°F".format (fahrenheit)

Staying indoors, I am listening to the new album Tahoe from Dedekind Cut - and also enjoying the previous one. There is also a new album from Chris Carter that sounds good. As well as a Flame 1 release which features Burial in a collaboration with The Bug.


London’s dankest relay palpably paranoid pressures from the capital on The Bug’s newly minted Pressure label, hopefully the start of an ongoing collaboration between the pair.

Spying those hours of the dance when the smoke machines are puffing but there’s nobody there yet, Fog finds them melding charred bass hustle with billowing greyscale atmospheres in a time-honoured style shared by both artists.

On the flip, Shrine distills their meditative intensity to more suspenseful degrees with exceedingly brittle drums bearing the huge, brooding weight of a slowed down dread bass and glowering pads = minimal fuss for deadly, concentrated impact.