Plutonic Rainbows

Putting Loops and Lists together

This seems like a lot of code (at least for a beginner like me), but it uses loops and lists so that the user can navigate around with varying outcomes.

from sys import exit

def money_room():
	print "There's plenty of money here. How much do you take?"
	next = raw_input("> ")
	if "0" in next or "1" in next:
		how_much = int(next)
		dead("Please type in something useful.")
	if how_much < 50:
		print "Nice. You're not greedy. You win!"
		dead("You are greedy. You lose.")
def guard_room():
	print "There is a guard here."
	print "The guard has a magazine and is reading it."
	print "The guard is stood in front of a door."
	print "How are you going to get rid of the guard?"
	guard_moved = False
	while True:
		next = raw_input("> ")
		if next == "take magazine":
			dead("The guard takes out his gun and you're toast.")
		elif next == "distract guard" and not guard_moved:
			print "The guard has moved from the door.
			You can go through it now."
			guard_moved = True
		elif next == "distract guard" and guard_moved:
			dead("The guard gets annoyed and pulls out a gun.
			You know how this ends.")
		elif next == "open door" and guard_moved:
			print "I have no idea what that means."
def insanity_room():
	print "What is this place?"
	print "It is the room of insanity."
	print "Do you run for your life or simply bash your head against the wall."
	next = raw_input("> ")
	if "run" in next:
	elif "head" in next:
		dead("Well, that's the end of you.")
	elif "bash" in next:
		dead("Well, that's the end of you.")
def dead(why):
	print why, "Good Job!"
def start():
	print "You are in a dark room."
	print "There is a door to right and left."
	print "Which one do you take?"
	next = raw_input("> ")
	if next == "left":
	elif next == "right":
		dead("You stumble around the room until you are dead.")