Plutonic Rainbows

The Quietus on Leyland Kirby

The Quietus on The Caretaker’s ‘Take care, It’s a Desert Out There’

Yet I can’t help feeling a sense of quiet optimism in the melded fragments of Kirby’s record. Somewhere, a tonality moves to a major key, there is still life somewhere. No matter what the textural aesthetics are telling us, the position it is coming from - the fog of dead voices, the crackle of the analogue era when futures weren’t entirely lost - still maintains that something remains.

The melodies of Take Care are questioning in nature, a “What if?” in a haze of almost engulfing hopelessness. But as long as the questioning remains, so does a slight glimmer that the system around us will eventually give way, that it won’t stumble on somehow still further than it already has post-2008 and certainly post-2016.

What was once simply withered has now turned rotten. There is moss growing in small patches, on the stones that mark the decaying remnants of what we once were, from the time when we had a future. But all is not yet lost.