Plutonic Rainbows

Using Functions to do Maths

Mathematics isn’t really something I’m good at but luckily, Python makes it easy when using functions. I’m also using .format to correctly show decimal places - as well as # -*- coding: utf-8 -*- so that Python can print currency symbols..

# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
def add(a, b, c):
	print "\nADDING %d + %d + %d" % (a, b, c)
	return a + b + c
price = add(12, 12, 12);print "The price is £{0:.2f}\n".format (price)
def multiply(a, b):
	print "MULTIPLYING %d * %d" % (a, b)
	return a * b
multiply_price = multiply(10, 10);print "The price is £{0:.2f}\n".format (multiply_price)
def subtracting(a, b):
	print "SUBTRACTING %d - %d" % (a, b)
	return a - b
subtract_price = subtracting(100, 50);print "The price is £{0:.2f}\n".format (subtract_price)

def division(a, b):
	print "DIVIDING %d / %d" % (a, b)
	return a / b

division_price = division(90, 2);print "The price is £{0:.2f}\n".format (division_price)