Plutonic Rainbows

Opening & Reading Files

Trying to get my mind around this. It’s probably very simple for some people.

from sys import argv

script, file = argv

txt = open(file)

print "Hi there. I am the '%s' script. The file called '%s' is shown below." % (script, file)

print "Type the file name again."
file_again = raw_input("> ")

txt_again = open(file_again)


In other news, Alva Noto will release a new album next month.

Carsten Nicolai (a.k.a Alva Noto) will release a new album, UNIEQAV, on March 16.

The 12-track release will be the third and latest edition of the Uni series, an outlet for his more rhythmic and dancefloor-oriented work. The series began when Nicolai was booked to play live at the club UNIT in Tokyo and had to adapt his sound accordingly for that environment.

UNIEQAV is described as a continuation and development of the concept of Alva Noto’s Unitxt and Univrs albums and completes the third part in the trilogy, whereby each record is both unique and part of the bigger picture. This is also mirrored in the artwork for each, which when combined form a triptych spelling “Uni.”

Described by Carsten as “sonically representing an underwater dive,” UNIEQAV brings, as usual, an inherent artistic, conceptual, and scientific depth. Mathematics, data, unit systems, grids, rhythms, codes, text, language, spoken word, DNA, science technology, and nature are all utilised, for both inspiration and execution.

As with the last two Uni releases, the French sound poet Anne-James Chaton collaborates here, on “Uni Dna.” Where on previous records Chaton first provided a vocal track to which Nicolai composed, this time the duo flipped it; the poet wrote for an existing track, adding his vocal approach to recite amino acids that constitute the DNA molecule.

UNIEQAV is preceded by two albums on NOTON featuring Alva Noto: Live 2002 with Mika Vainio and Ryoji Ikeda and Glass with Ryuichi Sakamoto, released January 19 and February 16 respectively.