Plutonic Rainbows

Paper Dollhouse - The Sky Looks Different From Here


Paper Dollhouse unveil the radioactive ambient pop of new album The Sky Looks Different Here via the group’s independently run MoonDome imprint. Produced by Planet Mu’s Asher Levitas and featuring artwork by Finders Keepers’ Andy Votel. The Sky Looks Different Here is an incredibly vivid journey through a nuclear nightside dreamworld.

Having previously recorded two albums for Jane Weaver’s Finders Keepers sub-label Bird and the Glasgow based imprint Night School, The Sky Looks Different Here features twelve tracks that draw parallels between the project’s past roots in spidery post-punk electronica and a neon-lit, radioactive ambient pop sensibility. This has lead to the creation of what is sure to be the most concise and realised Paper Dollhouse record yet.

Recorded between North London’s New River Studios with Asher Levitas and Nina’s studio in Suffolk, together they have crafted twelve tracks of ambient electronica blended with field recordings of the surrounding studios environments, shot through a spectral technicolour narrative. One that mixes the group’s signature brand of darkwave influenced left-field pop, urban field recordings and electronic composition.

The Sky Looks Different Here is a journey through a city drowning within the endless downpour of metallic rain and a radiant haze of dawn, a map through a vivid and bucolic utopia.

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