Plutonic Rainbows

тпсб - Sekundenschlaf


Having dropped a red-eyed techno 12 MS Ghost for Dark Past Bright Future in 2016, Blackest Ever Black call on Russian artist тпсб for an exercise in this very vivid form of dread-jungle. This is the sort of sound that made Foul Play, Omni Trio and A Guy Called Gerald such staples within our ’90s listening habits, and it’s great to see BEB pushing this lesser-explored corner of ambient-jungle (tekno).

Sounding rather heavy-eyed from what we assume is many nights staying up late in front of a monitor and crunchy tower block running Cubase, carefully piecing together the album’s complex web of breakbeats and dreamlike BST atmospherics, Sekundenschlaf is sort of like the reverse sound of Pessimist’s paranoia-drenched DNB chill. Where that record was full of scything breaks, Sekundenschlaf is more restrained, held back for the dream squad. When it hits though, the breaks roll with a fierce velocity that is fine-tuned by a mind well-educated with the expanding possibilities of early hardcore and techno. Making it a strongly suggested listen for all AWOL, Black Dog & Dream Catalogue End Of World Rave revellers.

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