Plutonic Rainbows

Kindle & Apple Books

A few people have asked about my books since I migrated from Squarespace and lost those landing pages. Squarespace is a great service but too expensive for me. At the moment, I publish on two platforms, Amazon Kindle and Apple Books.

Inexact Shadows

On a remote island, scientists have made a fantastic discovery. A technology thought impossible. Sabotage investigator John Miller is brought in when the labs are destroyed and something stolen. He is joined by Peter Williams, a soon to retire MI5 agent. As part of an unlikely group, together they must solve what has happened. Their discoveries trigger a whole chain of unwelcome events both past and present.

The Wind Took Your Answer Away

A collection of ten short stories. A tour through time and space. Enter a strange past with stories that almost could be or might have been - A post office hides an unwelcome secret; a world where words are cyclical; cherry blossoms that herald something unspeakable and a boy who finds beauty among the tidal pools.

I am currently working on a third book published sometime late 2019 or sometime in 2020.

My Amazon Author page is here.