Plutonic Rainbows

Last of 2017

The last albums of 2017 I’ve heard are Bheal by Ian Martin, Where Things Are Hollow by Pye Corner Audio and Other Infinities by Claude Speeed.

Bheal is an album of dark, dense and somewhat disturbing electronics. There is an undeniable tense quality to many of the tracks. Clearly aimed at listeners who want to be unsettled by their listening experiences.

Claude Speeed follows on from Infinity Ultra earlier this year with Other Infinities - a selection of pieces that did not make it onto that album. This new release has some catchy hooks such as on Invocation of the Spirit of RUSSIA. In truth, a lot of these pieces feel like demos and offcuts of varying quality and it’s not too difficult to see why they didn’t fit with the previous album. However, they are still curious pieces in their own way and worth a listen.

Where Things Are Hollow sees Pye Corner Audio setting out over four tracks of sequencer driven goodness. As usual, there are hints of John Carpenter and much of it has a film soundtrack quality.