Plutonic Rainbows

Ossining - I Will Be Missed

Trawling through Boomkat’s back catalogue, I came across this gem.

Digitalis activist Brad Rose maps out three passages to synthetic galaxies with Kevin Danchisko of Sovetskaya Gone. For the keenest of observers, they dropped two tapes last year, but ‘I Will Be Missed’ is their first vinyl release, containing three new tracks of vast and mysterious drones punctuated with starbursting synth patterns and a wide-eyed effect harking back to early 90s ambient qualities with a nod to narcotically laced Americana that fans of Oneohtrix will adore.

However, as it’s a Digitalis release, there’s something disturbed and just a little squinted lurking in the background, especially with the lengthy A-side composition ‘Mirror Warmer’. The near psilocybic queerness of the melodies and spacious harmonics also recall Leyland Kirby’s distorted memories but threaded with howling inhuman voices shrieking way back in the ether while the symphony continues to phosphoresce regardless, almost ignorant of the pain underneath.

On the other side the choral voices (or are they just synths?) of ‘Go For Pinks’ recaptures the spirit of a chill-out room for a midwest American rave, but with a more sinister, brown speckled twist. ‘Moons’ completes the album with stray arpeggiations, godly vocal harmonics and bloopy sequences masking an underlying tension, perhaps saying that this form of dosed-up, lethargic escapism has something intrinsically wrong and unusually disturbing. Fans of feeling strange should book themselves on this trip without delay…

I totally recommend this title. It only runs a little over 35 minutes but it is well worth listening to.

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