Plutonic Rainbows

Claude Speeed - Infinity Ultra

An album that was apparently five years in the making, Claude Speeed has delivered a work that in turns, mystifies and confounds all expectations. Drawing on many influences, Infinity Ultra is an album that will probably become one of my favourite titles of the year.

There is a lot to like on here from the early tracks that remind one of Oneohtrix Point Never and Leyland Kirby to latter parts that have a dreamy, 1980s quality which finds itself tapping into the vaporwave genre. There are nods to Boards of Canada on Moonchord Supermagic and the kind of hypnagogic pop that seems so popular these days on the final track, Dreamdream.

There are elements of post-rock on Entering The Zone and the keyboard programming gets a full workout on the powerful and uplifting Fifth Fortress.

Indeed, it is the final suite of tracks that begin with Center Tech that prove to be the album’s highlight. Tracks such as Spirits and Contact are just beautiful pieces of thoughtful electronica. Essential listening.

You can buy this album from Bandcamp, iTunes and Amazon.