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Metro Riders - Europe By Night

An artist recommended to me by a friend. Metro Riders is the project set up by Stockholm producer, Henrik Stelzer.

The album shares quite a bit in common with artists like 1991 and Sand Circles - it has that same dreamy lo-fi quality that I like very much.

Metro Riders Bandcamp:

Europe By Night is the gripping and intoxicating debut album by Stockholm, Sweden based Metro Riders (real name Henrik Stelzer) and the first release on newly minted contemporary global imprint Possible Motive. Employing outdated software and now obsolete analogue recording equipment, Metro Riders conjures a suspenseful and gloomy, true to the era re-imagining of lost sounds. A real labor of love, Europe By Night encompasses a very niche palette, everything from the prophetic visions of John Carpenter, to the warbled world of Troma films, to Italian horror flicks, euro-crime and the cybernetic sewers of The Skaters.

The album can be found here.