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Michael Crichton - Dragon Teeth Review

I recently finished reading Dragon Teeth and enjoyed it. Micheal Crichton has been a favourite author of mine for many years. His blend of technology and thriller has proved remarkably successful over the years, in particular Jurassic Park. This tale of genetically-engineered dinosaurs roaming a theme park has been remarkably successful, spawning a sequel, The Lost World as well as a number of movies.

Dinosaurs are still very exciting but long-dead ones - not so much. What I also found slightly disappointing was that the sections devoted to fossil-hunting were few. For much of the novel, it felt like nothing more than a slightly unbelievable western.

Of course this was an unfinished novel so it’s more than likely Michael Crichton would have spent a lot more time on it before publication.

If you like Michael Crichton’s books, you’ll enjoy this but be warned, it’s not the work it probably could have been.