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Kraftwerk - 3D - The Catalogue

Haven’t we been here before? That was my first thought as I settled down with this latest from the pioneering German electronic outfit. Perusing the lavish box that this arrived in (with Blu-ray discs and a coffee-table size book), I was struck with the realisation that not only have we been here, we have been here many times. It was only back in 2009 that the band re-released their entire set of eight remastered albums.

Anyway, on this occasion Kraftwerk have chosen to release their live shows on 3D Blu-ray and it does look and sound wonderful. The audio CD edition is spread across eight discs and while most of these tracks sound practically identical to their counterparts from the Minimum-Maximum album released twelve years ago from their world tour in 2004, the main value of this set is the visuals and 3D sound which is stunning.

If you’re new to Kraftwerk, I would advise checking out some of their albums before you make this heavy purchase. Their work pretty much defines electronic music over the past thirty years.

I do wish they could write something new.


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