Plutonic Rainbows

Brainwaltzera - Aescoba EP

Nobody seems to know the true identity of this enigmatic electronic producer - one theory is that it’s another alias for Richard D. James. Listening to this EP, one could easily imagine the tracks having been conceived in the Aphex Twin studio. Whatever the truth, there are some very nice moments on this record, harking back to the early 90s.

Bleep Records:

Brainwaltzera wears the ’90s electronica influence on his sleeve with the Aescoba EP, a one to watch artist if you are plugged into any AFX’ian channels.

Having gained attention in 2015 when a certain user18081971 commented on the Sound Cloud upload quilat spring 1 [outtake], the ambient electronica masses have been waiting for some extended sessions from the mysterious artist to emerge, and the Aescoba EP carries on the level of high-end production that has seen his work catching the ear of a certain Aphex Twin.

Aescoba moves between late period Wisp style fuzzy rave cave techno as on ghaint [berl] with detro[id] to more Bogdan style breakbeat exertions such as 10_muddy_puddle Trot, its looped drums calling to mind many moments from the sadly deceased Rephlex imprint. While the whole vibe gets distilled into a hazy memory on poly_ana summers [schoolyard surph beat] capturing perfectly the flashback memories of a very unique time in electronic music.

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