Plutonic Rainbows

Barry Lynn - Taurus Tapes Vol 2

I haven’t heard volume one but this second outing finds Barry Lynn delivering a very solid album of new-age style atmospherics with beautiful shimmering guitars and floating keyboards. The whole album has more than just a passing connection to astronomy given the album cover. It’s a nice touch.

After 2015’s Esalen Lectures LP for Touch Sensitive, Barry Lynn returns to the label under his given name with a twin set of ambient cassettes.

The majority of the music on the Taurus Tapes results from live looping experiments using an electric guitar as the sound source, although a few tracks on Volume 1 were also created using synthesisers, and embellished with loughshore birdsong and fretless bass guitar.

The result is an intimate and evolving sound, sculpted live in the moment. Moving away from over- arching concepts, the tracks are mostly titled after the constituent stars in the constellation of Taurus, Barry’s star sign, and a common sight in the northern winter sky.

Shades of Fripp’s experiments with Eno can be detected in the Gibson fuzz tone and drifting loops, as well as more Gottsching-styled exercises in tight repetition.

Volume One & Volume Two are available now on cassette tape and digital download.