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Jonn Serrie - The Sentinel

Released back in February, The Sentinel is the latest from the American Space Music composer, Jonn Serrie.

Over the past thirty years, Jonn Serrie has been creating some of the most beautiful electronic music, dating back to his Mirimar album And The Stars Go With You, originally released in early 1986. Since then, he has captivated audiences around the world.

Jonn Serrie:

My goal is to dissolve the veil between source and destination, so my audience feels the music the way I do and I feel the music the way they do.

I first heard Jonn Serrie way back in 1988 and his work, particularly the first three albums had a very profound effect on me during that time. Indeed, his debut album still sounds remarkably fresh even after all these years. While music technology has changed greatly in the last thirty years, there is something haunting and timeless in those early works, I feel.

He originally wrote early music for planetariums throughout the 1980s and this is very evident on his debut album as well as Planetary Chronicles Volume 1 & 2 (both which appeared subsequently during the early 90s).

His latest album takes the listener on a sonic journey from touring the abandoned, empty starships endlessly orbiting some far-away star towards new worlds as yet undiscovered. A fantastic trip through time and space.

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