Plutonic Rainbows

Niggas With Guitars - Ethnic Frenzy

A somewhat esoteric release from a rather obscure band/artist. The music is uneasy and haunting.


Heavily engaged mission music from the mysterious sect of Niggas With Guitars, coming correct with a stunningly evocative debut vinyl for Digitalis. In the vein of Dylan Ettinger’s ‘New Age Outlaws’ or Leyland Kirby’s muddled memories, ‘Ethnic Frenzy’ is a vivid internal soundtrack for hypnagogic dreamers, warping the memes of Vangelis or Carpenter in much the same way Pat Maher’s DJ YoYo Dieting did to DJ Screw or Indignant Senility to Wagner.

Cruising in to the A-side we’re slowly immersed in smoked-out and sludgy choral drones punctuated with fractured gasps of drum machine reminding of the 1st Chasing Voices 12”, before we reach the bottom and everything becomes blissed out and stargazing with a soulful slopped and screwed ending.

The second side is more unresolved, amping the drama with a weirdly affecting orchestral synth score before tipping over the edge into paranoid, muffled voices while clammy Italian horror hooks give a dank atmosphere and we’re dumped from the boot to blunted back alley 808s. Check the samples for yourself, but we should stress that spending a bit of time with this record is a memorable experience.

Digital Edition