Plutonic Rainbows

Nummer - Second Sight

Bleep Records:

Out via Brian Not Brian’s Going Good label (Moon B, Aquarian Foundation), Nummer’s debut full-length is the artist’s second release on the imprint following 2014’s Reach EP. Opener ‘Liege Trinite’ neatly details what is to come, moving between classic after-hours house, Balearic lead lines and Bladerunner synth soundscapes, and the title track is a masterfully curated spool of grooves that lasts a full ten minutes. Neatly juggling both deep house and techno with more ambient interests as well as occasional nods to breakbeat and other leftfield club musics, Nummer’s eleven pieces here are the sort of edge-of-the-dancefloor fare to make clubgoers swoon as well as sounding great at the afterparty.

I haven’t heard this yet (except for the previews on Bleep but it certainly sounds interesting.