Plutonic Rainbows

Sunday Finds

Found a few more first pressings today. These will be the last ones that I can get before I leave due to postal times.

  • Emerson, Lake & Palmer - The Best Of (32XD-397)
  • George Benson - Give Me The Night (38XP-2)
  • Phillip Bailey - Chinese Wall (25DP-5219)
  • Eighth Wonder - Fearless (25.8P-5021)
  • ZZ Top - Eliminator (32XD-133)
  • Wham - Make It Big (25.8P-5182)
  • Chicago - Chicago 16 (38XP-36)
  • Chicago - Chicago 17 (38XP-81)

I also bought the new Underworld album with the strange title of Barbara Barbara, We face a shining future. There are a few reviews floating around and it seems to have been pretty well received.

In addition, I ordered Discovery & The Killing Fields from Amazon Japan.

I’ve been thinking of moving all my general photos to Photos on OSX rather than worrying about Lightroom, Adobe’s photo manager seems too cumbersome for my (rather modest) needs.