Plutonic Rainbows


An overcast day. Some more compact discs to pick up tonight.

Apparently there has been a biscuit shortage in the UK according to the BBC:

Storms Desmond and Eva left swathes of Cumbria, Lancashire and Yorkshire under water, causing widespread personal pain and huge economic cost.

They also submerged Carlisle’s McVitie’s factory ovens, halting production of custard creams, bourbons, ginger nuts and table water biscuits.

Biscuits started disappearing from shop shelves. A nation which had looked on in sympathetic disbelief began to feel the crisis bite closer to home.

Dire circumstances demand a restorative cup of tea and a cup of tea demands a biscuit.

Carlisle artist Lydia Leith, now living in London, knew something was dreadfully wrong when she came home for Christmas and the usual “sweet sugary scented” aroma from the factory was noticeable by its absence.

She said it was “very upsetting”.

Not sure how much of a crisis this really is. There are plenty more brands to choose from.

House of Cards Season 4 has proved a lot more enjoyable than series 3. As I expected, Douglas Stamper has proved to be the most interesting character once again. There is something very elusive and enigmatic about the cold, quiet character played by Michael Kelly.