Plutonic Rainbows


Hard to believe it is already the beginning of March. This time last year, I was preparing to come to Japan again. Only eleven working days left now. Two weeks plus one elementary day. My time in Japan is coming to a close. It will very probably be the final time. Never say never.

Have arranged to have my final salary paid into a friend’s account. It’s easier that way.

I picked up more compact discs this week:

  • Prince - 1999 (32XD-105)
  • Journey - Raised On Radio (32DP-423)
  • Christopher Cross - Another Page (32XD-347)
  • Prince - Purple Rain (32XD-316)

I am spending some of today watching the new season of House Of Cards on Netflix. Another thirteen episodes to get through.

It’s a pretty sunny day today but the mornings are still very cold. I managed to find a bottle of Loewe Pour Homme vintage on Yahoo Auctions for a good price.

Picked up three more Ray Bradbury titles on kindle - ‘R is for Rocket’, ‘S is for Space’ and ‘A Graveyard for Lunatics’.