Plutonic Rainbows


Beginning to wonder if it will ever stop raining. Some CDs I ordered arrived recently. I have been trying to pick up as many reasonably priced items as possible because it is unlikely I will ever be returning to Japan. To import would mean higher prices and customs charges.

  • Grace Jones - Inside Story (CP32-5186)
  • Genesis - The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway (28VD-1030)
  • Rush - Signals (258P-5169)
  • Propaganda - A Secret Wish (P35D-20007)
  • Laura Branigan - Branigan (38XP-64)
  • The Cars - Heartbeat City (38XP-76)
  • The Human League - Crash (32VD-1041)
  • Alan Silvestri - The Abyss (VSD-5235)
  • Toto - Hydra (35DP-42)

Went to the Post Office about the delivery pick-up but it seems I have to phone them. Only twenty work days left.