Plutonic Rainbows

Leaving Japan

I made the decision back in July of last year that I would leave Japan permanently. It simply doesn’t give me the same lifestyle anymore and I think there is a better long-term future back in England. I don’t believe it was ever my intention to live here forever.

I need a greater degree of financial security than I currently have. I also am thinking more and more about saving and buying my own property. I have amassed a lot of stuff over the past ten years but I wonder how much of it has really made me happy.

Waking up each morning and enjoying the prospect of the day ahead is something that is more important to me as I get older.

This last year has really been like a farewell note to a country I enjoyed for many years. In some ways I feel sad that I cannot stay here but in truth, my interest in Japan has waned over the last five years. Maybe that’s only natural. I don’t think that many people have the same interest for their entire life.